Endeavour EHS exists to provide our clients with real world solutions to real world problems. Founded in 2007, the goal of Endeavour’s founder, Dave Einolf, was to provide clients with an option to “one size fits all” EHS consulting. Endeavour aims to provide individual services to our clients meeting their business objectives in a cost-effective manner, while providing them exceptional service.

Endeavour prefers to work as a member of our client’s EHS staff, interacting directly with senior management on EHS business issues. Endeavour has taken assignments that include acting as in-house EHS director and EHS staff for clients who do not need full-time resources. Endeavour has worked with clients to direct compliance audit and due diligence projects where internal resources are not available to meet the needs.

Located in Chicago and Denver, Endeavour provides a virtual service to our clients, providing on-site assistance throughout the US on an as-needed basis. Endeavour’s staff has completed project work in each of the 50 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, as well as more than 20 other countries. Through our network of subcontracting relationships, Endeavour is able to provide rapid service to clients throughout the world.

Dave Einolf, Endeavour’s founder and managing director, has more than 35 years’ experience in developing, implementing, and managing environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs for regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions due diligence and site assessments, risk management, and process safety management (PSM).

Dave is skilled in the assessment of risk to business and commercial operations. Blending his skills in environment, health and safety with a business operations background and education, Dave provides clients with advice on managing critical risk issues. Dave has assisted numerous clients with the development of PSM programs, chemical risk programs, and business continuity plans.

Dave has also worked extensively with clients on program development – for both compliance and auditing. Building on skills in developing management systems, Dave can lead inside and outside compliance teams for success in multimedia programs.

Dave has worked extensively in the ammonia refrigeration field, completing more than 200 process hazards analyses, more than 700 compliance audits, and numerous mechanical integrity (MI) inspections. Dave has also developed written PSM programs for more than 50 facilities.

Dave is also widely considered as an expert on hazardous materials as they relate to retail sales and distribution facilities. Dave has developed a number of significant hazardous waste management programs. Dave has experience in TSCA and greenhouse gas (GHG) compliance.

Ken has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field. His responsibilities have included project management and business development for a range of projects including ISO 14001 development and implementation, to multi-site, multi-country environmental, health, & safety due diligence audits. Additional experience includes management of a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and health and safety professionals. 

Recent experience includes strategic consulting at the corporate level in developing EHS management and compliance assurance systems for two of the world’s larges oil companies and one of the world’s foremost finance institutions; numerous negotiations with state and federal environmental agencies over notices of violation and permit terms and conditions; development and implementation of SPCC and SWPP plans for various facilities ranging from remote wireless communications towers to retail stores to large integrated steel mills; development and implementation of pollution prevention/energy efficiency system for a major food manufacturer; and revision of Title V and Synthetic Minor (FESOP) air permits.

Ken also lead’s Endeavour’s due diligence practice. Working to manage portfolio acquisitions and evaluate the findings of Phase I and II environmental site assessments to make deals work for both parties.

The Endeavour logo is representative of our Pacific Northwest heritage. It is a Tsimshian form-line drawing which represents a killer whale. The elements of the whale have been fashioned into a circular emblem that may have been used on a drum head. We have identified this image in various trade goods sold throughout Alaska.

HM Bark Endeavour sailed from Plymouth, England in 1768 carrying Captain James T. Cook on one of the most famous voyages of discovery in history. Cook’s resilience in the face of adversity is forever linked with the name Endeavour. NASA acknowledged that spirit by naming its fifth shuttle Endeavour, launching STS-49, its first mission in 1992.



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