At Endeavour EHS, we blend our rich heritage with innovative, customized Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) consulting to meet your unique business needs, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and exceptional service.

Welcome to Endeavour, where expert EHS solutions meet your specific industry needs. Our founder, Dave Einolf, brings over 35 years of EHS consulting experience, working with industry leaders and Fortune 50 companies. 

Our services span crucial EHS areas, designed to address your specific concerns with precision and efficiency. From compliance audits to risk management, our offerings are built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge and experience.

We’re keen on understanding your unique challenges and providing clear, honest advice. If we’re a good fit, you’ll receive a comprehensive package highlighting our expertise, past successes, and client testimonials.

At Endeavour EHS, we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of your business. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve strived to move beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach in EHS consulting. Our mission is to offer bespoke services that align perfectly with your specific needs.

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We provide expert process safety management services, including customized PSM program development, compliance audits, and safety strategy integration. Our comprehensive approach ensures practical safety solutions across various industries.

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We specialize in retail compliance, offering solutions in hazardous waste management, – EPCRA compliance; TSCA for imported products, fire code compliance, and pollution prevention. With projects ranging from hazardous waste evaluations for leading retailers to developing spill prevention plans, our expertise ensures that major U.S. retailers meet stringent environmental and safety standards.

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At Endeavour, we prioritize effective, straightforward EHS compliance consulting, focusing on optimal outcomes for our clients. Unlike larger firms with less experienced staff, our team offers seasoned expertise in facility-level compliance, engaging with regulators, and refining corporate compliance programs.
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Endeavour EHS specializes in bespoke due diligence, adeptly forming global teams aligned with client needs for acquisitions. They connect clients with leading assessors for environmental evaluations, and craft strategic models to ensure acquisition success. Renowned in the M&A sector, Endeavour’s leaders have vast experience and have trained over 250 professionals.

Ever think that this is the first assignment your EHS auditor has ever completed? Ever get the feeling your consultant is trying to make your problem fit their solution? Well, chances are you are right. EHS consulting is a business, and big EHS consultants are big business. High overhead, marketing staff, accountants, and lawyers are all part of the bill you ultimately pay to your consultant. With Endeavour, you can step off the merry-go-round of increasing EHS costs and declining customer service.

Endeavour works with clients on a one-to-one basis. Endeavour provides only seasoned environmental professionals with an understanding of your business needs. Endeavour has no learning curve. Endeavour solves your problem – we don’t simply try to convince you to use another client’s solution.

Endeavour is independent: we’re not committed to specific subconsultants, we’re not promoting a technology or a technological solution. We’re here to listen to your needs and address them with our skill set.

Endeavour is unique: a broad range of regulatory compliance consulting built from a career of solely compliance and due diligence. We don’t do remediation, we don’t do urban planning, we don’t build bridges or roads. We do EHS right. 

Let our expert team guide you through the complexities of environmental health & safety.

See how Endeavour can reinvigorate your Process Safety Management compliance



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