A New Year – A New Outlook

Posted by admin on January 6th, 2009 filed in Regulatory Compliance

Happy New Year to all my readers – although 2009 is starting out with dire economic predictions and challenging conditions for all businesses, it may prove to be a banner year for environmental, health, and safety compliance.  The changes to the Bush administration’s policies, especially in the health and safety arena, may provfe a challenge to those of us who make our living complying with regulations.  While enforecement under the current administration has not plumetted, it has slipped away and appears to be focused on high-profile non-compliances, often those resulting from incident investigations.

The Obama adminstration should provide some clarity in the OSHA arena, but it will definitely make strides in the environmental arena with the influence of clear environmental advocates such as Browner and Jackson.  The EPA, more so than OSHA, is affected by the policies as carried out in the regions.  I would hope that 2009 brings change at the head of several regions – leading to more focus within the agency on compliance with the existing requirements of environmental law.

Whatever changes are out there, I’m looking forward to working with you all to provide the most productive environmental solutions to make business move ahead in the next four years.

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